Graduate School of Engineering Department of Management of Industry and Technology

Kurashiki Laboratory



●Research case

(1)Image-based Analysis

“simulate body base on the image”

The number of osteoporosis is increasing as the population ages and it becomes a medical and social concern.
So, we research about how to develop the custom-made artificial joint fitting to patient’s bone shape. Especially,
1) Acquire the image data of CT scan
2)Modeling for numerical analysis by image processing
3) Evaluate strength or hardness
Furthermore, we research about oral cavity or dental hygiene by using these method.


(2)Mechanical characterization of advanced composite material

“To expression more lightweight, high strength and high reliability”

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) will be cited as a material is high strength, high stiffness and light weight.FRP application to areas requiring light weight and high strength is expected, for example, aerospace field, fuel automobiles, wind power blades. However, due to the complex shape in which a plurality of fiber bundles are interlaced, the type and size of reinforcement-base, number of design factors such as fiber content are present. Therefore, in order to creating a reinforcing fiber structure in accordance with the request purpose, we are working on the development of simulation and experimental techniques for the mechanical characterization.


(3)Disaster simulation of urban Earthquake

To provide information of damage expansion quickly

We are working on developing a simulation that will support optimizing correspondence and elevating the estimate of the damage condition in order to reduce the human and material damage when an earthquake occurs in the Kyoto-Hanshin area or the metropolitan area. Especially, we are working on a simulation subject to disasters that occur at chemical plants which support our country's industry, and on one that will make it possible to understand the occurrence and expand of these disasters, along with the effects of anti-disasters performed on a digitalized time and space mapped by a calculation. Based on the research skills here, we are working on developments toward risk estimates considering the amount of damage residence or machinery used at the plants could gain.